Sunday, 13 December 2009

90 Seconds of Genius?

I have at long last been given the opportunity to produce a short film for my final major project at the University of Glamorgan. I have complete free reign over the storyline, characters, overall appeal, cinematography and so much more, infact the only limit forced upon me is the relatively short, but realistic target time of ninety seconds.

Having said that, the intention is to involve other students, either on my course or elsewhere, and work together in a collaborative effort, hopefully gaining at least some experience of running a team project with a deadline, where a high quality animated short is the outcome.

“An animated short needs a story, what is it then?” I hear you cry. Well at this stage it’s pretty well formed and the characters are established and ready for development. I won’t disclose the story just yet, however I have included some initial concept drawings of mine to give a little taster of what’s to come .

It's important to note that the characters depicted in the above drawings are yet to be designed and are only rough representations of how the final characters will look once developed.

More to come soon!

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