Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Finding my Characters

Just as the concept drawings from my previous post suggest, my story involves two main characters – a boy and a girl - around 5-6 years old. Seeing as I’m my own character designer for this project I thought I would have a real go at it, and really try to make my characters both appealing and believablwe in their own separate ways. Easier said than done! Especially when you’re as new to this character development stuff as I am.

For me this started off as a drawing marathon, first I had to get used to drawing child-like proportions, then I drew picture after picture trying to find a style that wasn’t too influenced by ‘the Disney look’ or the ‘the Pixar look’.

While I enjoy drawing, especially characters of my own creation, I’m not blessed with the gift of creating fast, accurate and appealing drawings all in one go. No, for me it takes time and painstaking effort, after all, I’m a CG animator!

So here are my two main character in their current state of development

and here is a bit of background information...


She has grown up in the suburbs in a modern home, which her mother keeps in immaculate condition. She is an only child, and although she will get on well with other children, she is prone to taking charge of a game, or just generally bossing other kids around. She has only just started school.

• She likes ice-cream.

• She’s not that fond of boys – the ones who live next door are extremely noisy and always end up breaking something.

• She likes time to herself, where there are no adults with their ‘stupid rules’

• She doesn’t believe in Santa Claus

• When she grows up, she wants to be a head teacher or a policewoman or any job where she can give children more freedom than she has now.


He lives on a farm and is used to being left to his own devices. When he’s not at school, he spends most of his time out and about on the farm. He and his friends from school enjoy camping out in a field and catching fish in the river that flows through the farm . He has been at school for a year and a half now.

• He is talkative and social

• He enjoys making boats from wood then sailing them down the river that runs through the farm. He also likes to bombard them with stones and tries to sink them before they reach the weir at the far end of the farm.

• He also likes ice cream

• He does believe in Santa Claus

• When he grows up he’d like to be a pilot, or in the navy, or something in a war anyway.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

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