Saturday, 19 December 2009

Less Talking... More Drawing

You will notice in my first post that i included some pictures of a girl reaching into a wishing well. This wishing well is certainly an object of interest in my film and therefore deserves to have some time and effort put into the design and overall appeal.

The only other major object in my film (there will of course be many small details) Is an ice cream van or ice cream stand from which my character(s) attempt to buy an ice cream.

The following pictures represent some of my ideas for the look of the ice cream stand. I've purposely tried to avoid too much CG looking 'squareness' and have attempted to maintain the overall warmth of my original colour picture of the wishing well scene.

So I'm starting to get a feel for the overall appeal and render quality. The next step for me is to start looking at things a little more cinematically. This means writing out my story in script form and story boarding it, both of which I have little experience with, but still enjoy very much.

stay tuned!

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