Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Make Something Move!

Although this blog is intended as a production blog, all this 'Christmasness' has distracted me a bit, and I've decided to post something a tiny weeny bit off topic.

For my last project I was handed an eleven second long clip, and was given the task of animating to the dialogue it contained. This was a nice project and I reckon I learnt a lot, the biggest thing being that half of what makes a great performance piece is coming up with interesting ideas to convincingly portray the character in their given situation, while avoiding cliches at all costs! I also learnt the importance of getting my character to think.

So I interpreted my sound clip as a woman appealing to her partner during a jail visitation. She's spelling out to him how he can avoid his life of crime if only he made the right decisions at the right times.

Here is the animation after 2-3 weeks of production...

Apologies for slightly over sized hands and the dodgy phone cord animation, I wont do it again, I promise!

And finally, here are a couple of interesting links for you to help fill all the free time you have so much of over the Christmas holidays...


People seem to be experiencing problems with videos not loading on this blog :-( however the problem should be fixed now, at least temporarily


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  2. Awesome! Some end keys are slightly to hard. A tiny, tiny bit more easy ease should do it. Don't get me wrong. It's almost perfect

  3. Nice work Ben! I like your choice of scenario. Keep it up...