Friday, 19 February 2010

Various Scribblings

Ok, Now that my film is entering the 'production' phase, I'll be spending far less time drawing, and a lot more time bashing my computer with frustration!
I've pulled together a few more drawings and general concept stuff. For old time's sake :-)

Concept for the look of the well - there are no straight lines in Pennie's world

Trees also struggle to grow straight upwards

The ice cream van as seen in my storyboard. This will replace the ice cream stand from earlier versions.

Sam startles Pennie at the well - from my storyboard.

Big old wide shot - from the storyboard.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

3D Turnarounds

Rigging week is over!

Well mostly. This has been a marathon-rigathon-rigfest for me, being my first ever attempt at rigging in 3ds Max using bones. I still have some finishing up to do on the rig (the hair isn't rigged yet) and the skinning needs improvement, but these aren't huge changes and I'm just happy I got through rigging week without having some kind of psychological breakdown! (rigging is not my kind of thing at all).

Here is a turn around of the final texture and a pose to show it's rigged.

For those of you more interested in the mesh, here's a turnaround of that too...

Sorry for any problems loading videos, all google video's fault!

If it doesnt work first time, keep trying until it does.