Tuesday, 16 February 2010

3D Turnarounds

Rigging week is over!

Well mostly. This has been a marathon-rigathon-rigfest for me, being my first ever attempt at rigging in 3ds Max using bones. I still have some finishing up to do on the rig (the hair isn't rigged yet) and the skinning needs improvement, but these aren't huge changes and I'm just happy I got through rigging week without having some kind of psychological breakdown! (rigging is not my kind of thing at all).

Here is a turn around of the final texture and a pose to show it's rigged.

For those of you more interested in the mesh, here's a turnaround of that too...

Sorry for any problems loading videos, all google video's fault!

If it doesnt work first time, keep trying until it does.

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  1. Nice work Ben! Looking forward to seeing Pennie in the film. From your most avid follower ;)